Watt’s New: 2023 End-Of-Year Recap

Fully charged for 2024

A Word from the CEO

As we close out 2023, I feel proud and inspired by the incredible strides, partnerships, and projects Powin has undertaken in the past year. These achievements are a testament to Powin’s market leadership and our team’s dedication, and they have propelled us to new heights in the battery storage industry.

Among Powin’s accomplishments are our new gigawatt-hour scale projects with Vena Energy and Longroad Energy, beacons of our commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Our success in securing over 16 GWh in smaller multi-megawatt projects in deployments or projects under construction further reinforces Powin’s position as a global market leader.

Powin’s strategic partnership with Hitachi Energy is another 2023 highlight. This collaboration opens exciting avenues for innovation and growth, laying the groundwork for a future where our impact extends far beyond batteries. Our increased investments in the U.S. supply chain and the extension of our global suppliers network also underscore our dedication to building a robust and resilient foundation for the future.

Each of this year’s achievements and challenges have strengthened our resilience, adaptability, and resolve to bring energy storage at scale to create a carbon-free future. But there would be no milestones to celebrate without our customers, partners, and talented employees. Your drive, dedication, and support make Powin possible.

Thank you for joining us as we build the future of energy. Here’s to a New Year made brighter, one battery at a time! Jeff Waters,

Powin CEO

One Battery at a Time

Powerful Partnerships

Our 2023 wouldn’t have been complete without our many new partnerships. These moved us forward and helped accelerate our growth. But it’s more than that. Partnerships are how we support the thriving energy storage ecosystem and are an essential part of the clean transition.

A significant milestone

Akaysha, Powin and eks Energy Celebrate GPS Approval for Ulinda Park

The Australian Energy Market Operator has received Generator Performance Standard (GPS) approval for Ulinda Park, a groundbreaking 155MW/300MW battery energy storage project in Queensland. This marks a significant step for Powin and Akaysha Energy to enter the growing Australian energy storage market and advance sustainable energy solutions.

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Bolstering growth & innovation. Globally

A Strategic Partnership With Hitachi Energy

As part of our efforts to expand our global energy storage footprint, we entered into a strategic partnership with global powerhouse Hitachi Energy. This will see Hitachi Energy take majority ownership in eks Energy, marking the commencement of an ambitious alliance as we are committing to deeper technical and commercial collaboration.

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The future looks bright

Energizing the US Energy Storage Supply Chain

Powin secured supply agreements with key partners that are expanding manufacturing capabilities in Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina. This goes beyond ensuring we have a steady supply of high-quality battery cells and will also boost domestic production capabilities.

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Power you can count on. Always

Partnering With EVE Energy to Serve Global Energy Storage Market

As part of our commitment to sidestepping supply chain challenges, Powin has signed a 10GWh supply agreement with EVE Energy. This agreement will support a portion of the capacity for Powin’s flagship project, the 1,850MWh Waratah Super Battery.

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Meeting tomorrow’s needs, today

Jabil Collaboration to Advance Next-Level Energy Storage Platforms

A new agreement between Powin and Jabil, a global manufacturing solutions provider, will help accelerate the development of Powin’s Stack™750 energy storage systems. Under this collaboration, Jabil will produce an initial capacity of 2 GWh. This will then be increased to 4 GWh per year.

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Small steps. Enormous impact

Bolstering Battery Project Pipeline With ACE Engineering

As part of a new partnership with ACE Engineering, we’ll focus on streamlining the manufacturing of Powin’s Stacks™ for our battery energy storage platform. Additionally, we’ll work closely on Powin’s Waratah Super Battery, the world’s largest battery.

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Energy storage reimagined

Apex to Deliver 400MWH to the Grid With Powin’s Technology

These will be owned and operated by Apex, and Powin will supply the battery energy storage platform and StackOS™ battery management system. These energy storage systems will play a pivotal role in maintaining grid reliability by providing energy arbitrage and ancillary grid services to the ERCOT market.

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The power to go beyond

3 GWh Purchasing Agreement With REPT to Bolster Supply Chain

Having passed a vigorous vetting process, REPT will supply over 3 GWh of battery cells over the course of the next year. Not only do REPT’s battery cells bypass the need for cobalt, but they’ve also met high safety and performance standards for lithium-ion batteries. This collaboration will help Powin avoid unnecessary supply chain bottlenecks while ensuring we’re able to meet the growing demand for batteries.

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POWIN in the News

WSJ News Exclusive

Now for Some Good News About Climate

Climate news isn’t always the most uplifting. But as this Wall Street Journal feature highlights, initiatives like Longroad Energy’s Sun Streams project are the silver lining. This massive cluster of solar farms in the Phoenix desert covers over 13 square miles and, when operational, will generate 2 GWh, powering around 300,000 homes. We are honored to have partnered with Longroad Energy, serving as the BESS supplier and integrator for this innovative project.

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US Battery Station Boom Leaves Hybrid Wind Projects Far Behind

The Inflation Reduction Act is reshaping the energy storage landscape. Increasingly, we’re seeing more and more clean energy developers going all in on standalone storage facilities. This marks a noticeable shift away from hybrid wind storage for now. Here, Powin’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Regulatory Affairs, Mike Wietecki, weighs in on this new trend.

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Renew Economy

“Unsung Hero:” New Big Battery Near Australia’s Biggest Coal Unit Gets Go Ahead

Akaysha Energy is to begin construction of the 150MW/300MW Ulinda Park BESS power plant in Queensland, Australia, in partnership with Powin. Hailed as the company’s unsung hero, Ulinda Park is expected to support the rapid expansion of solar PV and wind generation capacity, paving the way toward clean, reliable, and affordable energy.

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Energy Storage News

Longroad Achieves Financial Close on Arizona Solar-Plus-Storage Project Acquired From First Solar

The Inflation Reduction Act is reshaping the energy storage landscape. Increasingly, we’re seeing more and more clean energy developers going all in on standalone storage facilities. This marks a noticeable shift away from hybrid wind storage for now. Here, Powin’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Regulatory Affairs, Mike Wietecki, weighs in on this new trend.

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Utility Dive

Powin, Hitachi Energy Ink Alliance Amid Burgeoning Demand For Battery Energy Storage

As part of a broader partnership, eks Energy’s technology will be integrated into Powin’s product roadmap while integrating Powin’s batteries into Hitachi Energy’s solutions. The hope is that this collaboration will accelerate go-to-market time, expanding the supply chain to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy storage solutions.

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Energy Storage News

Ikea Stores Owner Ingka Partners With Apex and Powin on Texas BESS Project

Ingka Investments, the owner of Ikea stores, has decided to collaborate with Powin and Apex Clean Energy to meet their climate goals. The joint initiative, known as Cameron Storage, involves implementing a 16.4 MW lithium-ion battery system designed to enhance the reliability of the Texas power grid. This energy storage project will contribute to a more stable and resilient power infrastructure by mitigating the impact of supply and demand fluctuations.

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Energy Storage News

Suntech, Powin and Rept Battero Sign Up For Vena Energy’s Indonesia Clean Energy ‘Hybrid Megaproject’

This project is poised to become one of the most significant milestones in advancing renewable energy in Southeast Asia. It will contribute to the progress of Vena Energy’s expansive hybrid megaproject in the Riau Islands, which is currently in the developmental phase. In addition to solar power capacity exceeding 2 GW, the project is anticipated to incorporate an 8 GWh energy storage system. This initiative is projected to be instrumental in facilitating Indonesia’s shift towards sustainable energy.

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PV Magazine

Texas Proposes Tightened Renewable Energy Permits: An industry reacts

As Texas weighs implementing more stringent restrictions on solar and wind projects, industry thought leaders reflect on the implications of this. The law highlights the ongoing tension between the push for cleaner energy sources and the regulatory challenges the renewable energy industry faces. Powin’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Regulatory Affairs, Mike Wietecki, sheds some light on the significance of such a law.

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Canary Media

Taiwan’s Rapid Renewables Push Has Created a Bustling Battery Market

The Taiwanese government is determined to decarbonize its energy system by 2050. This especially ambitious goal will involve quadrupling the country’s share of electricity from renewables. Senior Vice President at Powin, Danny Lu, shared his thoughts on Powin’s role in helping Taiwan build energy storage at scale. To date, Powin has already installed over 300 megawatt-hours at about a dozen different sites in Taiwan.

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Energy Storage News

Construction Starts on First Utility-Scale BESS Projects in Idaho

Construction has started on two battery energy storage system (BESS) projects in Idaho which will be delivered by Powin.The first involves an 80MW system situated at the Hemingway substation of utility company Idaho Power, while the second is a 40MW project located adjacent to the Black Mesa solar PV plant. Powin is set to provide its Stack750 product for both of these projects.

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Energy Storage News

Powin Supplying 860MWh BESS to Arizona PV-Plus-Storage Plant for Developer Longroad

Powin will provide a 215MW/860MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) for Longroad Energy’s solar-plus-storage project in Maricopa County, Arizona. The project aims to combine 285MWdc of solar PV capacity with battery storage. Additionally, Powin will be responsible for ongoing operations and maintenance services, working in collaboration with NovaSource.

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Leading the way

Industry Awards

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation can be seen in all we do at Powin. And while this applies to our technology, it’s about so much more than that. At Powin, this drive to excel is ingrained in our corporate DNA, coloring every aspect of our work. And it’s this dedication and commitment that extends to our leadership team, whose vision and contribution were recently recognized with prestigious industry awards. As we forge ahead, these awards reinforce our position as industry leaders and innovators. At Powin, we are not only shaping the future of energy storage but also rethinking what’s possible.

Executive of the year

Powin’s Anthony Carroll Wins Ponce De Leon Award

As a celebration of the relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, the Ponce De Leon Award from the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce is an especially prestigious industry award. This year, the award went to the President of Powin, Anthony Carroll, as a nod to his remarkable career, which began in Spain 20 years ago. This award also symbolizes his vision, dedication, and impactful contribution to the clean energy space.

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Paving the way

Powin’s Rachel Livek Recognized as a Woman Worth Watching

Powin’s Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Rachel Livek, was awarded the 2023 Women Worth Watching in Leadership Award. This award is a recognition of Rachel’s professional contribution, exceptional leadership, and dedication to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Rachel’s work has opened the door for other women and served as an example of what can be achieved through hard work and determination.

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Powering innovation

Powin Received the 2023 Makers & Manufacturers Award

The 2023 Makers & Manufacturers Award from the Portland Business Journal recognizes Portland-based manufacturing companies that are driving the economy forward through innovation and excellence. We were thrilled to receive this prestigious award in recognition of our dedication to the clean transition and our work to change how we power our daily lives.

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The power to do good

Powin’s Arrow Canyon Wins 2023 Solar Builder Utility-Scale Project of the Year

One of Powin’s largest projects, Arrow Canyon Solar and Battery Energy Storage System won the 2023 Solar Builder Utility-Scale Project of the Year Award. This 200 MW solar array and 375 MWh battery storage project uses Powin’s advanced BESS solutions and powers up to 76,000 homes. But it’s more than that. Located in the Mojave Desert, this project employs 46 members of the Moapa tribe, who have benefited greatly from job training and long-term employment.

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Talking Batteries

Podcasts & Webinars

From podcast interviews to webinar appearances, our team took some time out to talk about all things batteries. And we loved it. After all, we probably spend as much time talking about all things energy storage as we do doing. What can we say – that’s what happens when batteries are in your blood.

Factor This! With Jeff Waters, Powin CEO

The energy storage industry plays a key role in the clean transition. But what’s next for this industry, and where is it headed? In this enlightening discussion, Jeff Waters, Powin CEO, joined John Engel, the host of FactorThis!, to discuss these issues and more. Jeff also weighs in on concerns about market saturation and what it means to be IPO-ready, and he even shares what brought him to Powin.

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SmartBrief Renewable Energy SmartPod

In this episode, our SVP of Strategy and Regulatory Affairs, Mike Wietecki, joined SmartBrief host Sean McMahon to chat about the ins and outs of the energy storage industry from a regulatory perspective. Here, Mike shares his thoughts and insights on the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act and what these tax incentives mean for market participants. It is a great episode highlighting the opportunities and challenges these incentives pose.

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Insider’s Guide to Energy

Our Senior Vice President, Danny Lu, was interviewed by Chris Sass and Jeff McAulay on the Insider’s Guide to Energy podcast. Here, Danny openly shared the twists and turns that made Powin what it is today, including why our battery management system is at the core of what makes us unique. This episode covers a lot, from our growth and Danny’s professional journey at Powin to the essential role of energy storage.

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Advantech InnoTalk

The key to a well-designed BESS comes down to dependable, secure communication infrastructure and powerful computing capabilities that enable smooth, autonomous operation. Watch an exciting Advantech InnoTalks session with Justin Wolf, VP of Software Development at Powin, as he dives into the critical elements of developing an efficient BESS.

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Voices of Impact

Thought Leadership at Powin

Our 2023 was many things. And while words like action-packed or productive might begin to describe the year, they don’t really capture all we’ve been up to, especially when it comes to speaking engagements. Our team of talented Powineers really showed up in 2023. They spoke at a range of industry events covering everything from overcoming supply chain challenges and the emergence of AI to the future of energy storage.

Building a better tomorrow, today

Community Outreach

When you do the work we do, you care about more than the bottom line. We’re painfully aware of the impact small actions can have and how we all have a responsibility to show up and make a difference. After all, this kind of thinking is the guiding force behind the clean transition. For us, that starts with our community. We place a strong emphasis on initiatives that address the unique needs of local communities and understand that a thriving community is the backbone of a cleaner tomorrow.

A better world starts here

Earth Day Celebration

In April, Powineers united in honor of Earth Day by volunteering for a Litter Cleanup in Portland. Equipped with gloves, garbage bags, and a can-do attitude, we made a noticeable impact on our surroundings. But this was about so much more than picking up litter. The day reminded us all that we can play a role in keeping the planet clean. Together, we showed that small actions do make a big difference.

Pedals of purpose

Build-A-Bike Day

Recently, the Powin Global Services team embarked on a one-of-a-kind team-building journey: A Build-A-Bike activity. This strengthened our team’s connection and was an opportunity for them to give back. Using their excellent technical skills, they assembled bikes that were given as early holiday gifts to children at the local YMCA in Portland, Oregon. The day was a fun-filled opportunity to make a real difference beyond the important work we do every day.

Keeping it light

Celebrating Diwali

In celebration of Diwali, we came together to mark the Festival of Lights. Our workplace was transformed into a vibrant hub of celebration, adorned with colorful decorations and a warm glow of joy, light, and prosperity.

Taking a stand

Supporting Raphael House

At Powin, we prioritize the well-being of the communities in our vicinity, actively backing them through various outreach initiatives. As the Christmas Holiday season unfolds, Powin extends its support to Raphael House and individuals experiencing domestic violence or abuse through our Wishing Tree program.

Calendar Icon Upcoming Events

2023 was a whirlwind of milestones and memorable events. From Energy Storage Summit UK and CleanPower 2023 to The Smarter E Europe, and RE+, this year kept us on our toes. And we wouldn’t have changed any of it for the world. The experiences gained, connections forged, and ideas sparked have laid a strong foundation for our continued dedication to driving positive change. These events are a reminder of why we do the work we do and why building a clean energy future has never been more important.

Come Meet Our Team in 2024!

We’re looking forward to meeting you at these events where we’ll exhibit or speak.

Planning to attend?

Set up a meeting with Powin by contacting us at contact@powin.com or your Powin account representative.

Be part of something big

Careers at Powin

Working at Powin is much more than a job. We’re looking for dreamers who are also bold action-takers. The kind of people who aren’t afraid of a challenge and are itching to do something meaningful with their lives. The future belongs to those brave enough to reimagine it. Is that you?

A Big Thank You

It’s Your Story Too

The work we do is about so much more than energy storage. It’s about a cleaner tomorrow for all. And you’re as much a part of that reality as our batteries are. After all, none of our work would be possible without the support of our customers, partners, and team. This fight for a carbon-free world is as much your story as it is ours. So, thank you for joining us on this journey and being brave enough to stand up for a better future.

Your Powin Team