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At Powin, we take our commitments seriously. Whether that’s our unwavering dedication to ethical operations, the environment, or the communities we serve, these commitments guide who we are and the work we do. And it’s this same thinking that shapes our partnerships with suppliers. This means we expect all our suppliers to meet the same high standards we hold ourselves to when it comes to quality, reliability, and ethical standards. We know that together, we can go further.

Beyond the bottom line

Our Core Values

As a mission-driven company, we’re committed to ensuring the well-being of both personnel and the environment while servicing BESS systems.

Ethical Operations

In a rapidly changing world filled with uncertainty, transparency, and integrity have become our guiding principles. We also ensure that ethical considerations guide all our operational decisions, from vendor selection to contract negotiations. We rigorously vet our suppliers to ensure their values align with ours, creating a supply chain that’s efficient and ethically grounded.

Legal Compliance

Adhering to local and international regulations isn’t just about abiding by the law but also about building trust with our partners, customers, and stakeholders. We’re committed to the ongoing training and development of our team, ensuring they are always abreast of the latest regulatory requirements, from anti-bribery laws to evolving international trade agreements.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Initiatives

Recognizing our responsibility to future generations, we work hard to actively incorporate ESG principles into our sourcing strategies. Our ESG initiatives are broad-reaching, spanning everything from prioritizing eco-friendly products to fostering diversity and inclusion in our operations.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

The global call for a more sustainable future is louder than ever, and we’re listening. Our team works hard to reduce our carbon footprint, doing everything from choosing suppliers who use renewable energy to opting for clean transportation solutions. Every choice is a step towards a greener future.

Our unwavering commitment

Unparalleled Quality

As a company that strives for excellence, we demand nothing but the best from our team. And this extends to our suppliers, who are expected to not only meet but surpass our strict standards. By maintaining the highest standards, we’re able to guarantee all our products and services exceed expectations every time.

Do good. Always

Health & Safety

When you’re on a mission to accelerate the clean transition, ensuring your technology doesn’t add to the problem is a huge priority. That’s why we work tirelesely to ensure the well-being of our employees and the communities we operate in. We also require that our suppliers’ environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) programs abide by the most stringent standards. This is how we’re able to foster a healthy culture that resonates throughout our supply chain.

Putting you first


We work hard to meet all our customers’ needs promptly and to create an accurate and reliable supply chain. A large part of this involves ensuring our suppliers comply with our logistics policies and procedures. This is how we’re able to meet customer demands and maintain the high standards associated with the Powin brand.

Opening doors

Supplier Diversity

Powin is committed to promoting diversity and economic growth in the communities we partner with. A tangible expression of this commitment is our growing collaboration with suppliers from diverse backgrounds, including Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, Disabled Veteran-Owned, LGBT-Owned, and Emerging Small Businesses (MWDVLGBTESB). Recognizing the important role these businesses play in our overall success, Powin actively supports their development.

Our commitment to an inclusive procurement process is based on accessibility and fairness, evaluating suppliers based on their ability to meet our performance, price, and quality standards. Ensuring excellence in supplier diversity not only improves our supply chain management but also creates opportunities for a wide range of businesses to thrive.


We uphold standards and principles that underscore our dedication to conducting business with integrity. Ethical standards are integral to all our business practices, and we contractually bind our suppliers to these standards when engaged in work for us. Our core values prioritize people, doing what is right, persevering, and recognizing that collaboration enhances our collective strength, both within and beyond our organizational boundaries.

The fine print

Working with Powin

We’re proud to partner with suppliers who are aligned with our values and meet our standards. As part of our commitment to maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards, all suppliers are required to comply with our standards and policies. But more than that, ethical behavior shapes every aspect of our business activities. These principles are reflected in our Supplier Code of Conduct, a detailed guide that outlines our expectations.

Our contractual agreements require suppliers to conduct their business to the highest ethical standards, ensuring strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. At Powin, integrity is not just an obligation; it is an integral practice in our supplier relationships and business relationships.

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Shape the future

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