Akaysha, Powin and eks Energy Celebrate GPS Approval for Ulinda Park

Ulinda Park GPS Announcement


A Significant Milestone in Australia’s Energy Storage Landscape

MELBOURNE, Australia – Akaysha Energy, in collaboration with Powin, is thrilled to announce that the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has received Generator Performance Standard (GPS) 5.3.4a/b approval for Ulinda Park, a groundbreaking 155MW/300MWh battery energy storage project situated in Queensland’s Western Downs region. The GPS approval, a pivotal and complex milestone for any generation project in Australia, marks a significant step for Powin and Akaysha to enter the burgeoning Australian energy storage market.

Akaysha Energy selected Powin as their battery energy storage supplier, leveraging eks Energy’s power conversion system and power plant controller. The GPS application process, initiated in April 2022, was successfully approved within a compressed timeline, thanks to eks Energy’s advanced technology, Powin’s battery integration support, and Akaysha’s guidance and leadership throughout the process.

Nick Carter, Managing Director and CEO of Akaysha Energy, expressed the significance of this achievement, stating, “Ulinda Park is a key project for Akaysha, representing one of our first endeavors as a new energy storage developer in the market. We appreciate the collaboration with eks Energy and Powin, their commitment to providing local on-ground support in Australia, advanced technology and willingness to work closely with our interconnection partners was critical in securing GPS approval and achieving closure within the required timeframes.”

Connecting energy projects to the Australian grid poses unique challenges due to stringent interconnection standards resulting from a combination of an inherently weak electrical grid, strict performance requirements and high renewable energy penetration. AEMO’s GPS sets performance standards that generators, including energy storage projects, must meet to ensure stability and reliability of the electrical grid. Compliance with these standards helps prevent disruptions and ensures smooth integration into the existing energy infrastructure.

“Achieving GPS approval is a significant milestone in tackling the Australian market, one of the fastest-growing markets in the Asia-Pacific Region,” said Danny Lu, Senior Vice President at Powin. “We are honoring our initial commitment to Akaysha, a prominent developer in the region, as they expand their footprint and contribute to the transition to sustainable energy.”

The successful GPS approval for Ulinda Park eliminates one of the most substantial technical barriers, allowing participation in the growing energy storage market in Australia.

Nick Finch, Chief Engineer at Akaysha Energy expressed gratitude for the key project partners. “In addition to the outstanding work by eks and Powin, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with Aurecon as our specialist grid connection consultant. Aurecon has supported our collaborative approach with Powerlink and AEMO, helping us achieve one of the fastest new OEM connections the National Electricty Market has seen.”

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