All-in-One Energy Storage and Support

Hardware and Software Built for Each Other

We design and deliver an end-to-end, grid-scale storage platform. Our Stacks and enclosures come fully integrated and are purpose-built for StackOS, our state-of-the-art battery management and control platform.


Engineered for Safety

The safest-in-class LFP battery cells from Tier 1 suppliers are featured in our Stack product line. Stacks come in 3 configurations and are optimized for specific use cases.


Stack225 is our high value solution for projects with typical cycling requirements. The Stack225 is ideal for T&D deferral, demand reduction and 2-hour capacity requirements.


Stack230 is our long-life product, and has been specifically designed solution to match the 20-year life cycle solar facilities and other projects that require long life and a 3+ hour duration.


Stack230P is our solution for higher power applications such as frequency response/regulation.


One Interface, Fewer Headaches

All battery management, device integration, and control functionality living under one roof, working together to maximize the life span, performance and safety of our storage technology.

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