Powin Surpasses 1GWh of Energy Storage Managed

Powin’s growing services business offers superior services for 18 customers

Portland, OR, (February 17, 2022) – Powin LLC (Powin), a global leader in the design and manufacture of safe and scalable battery energy storage solutions, today announced that Powin has surpassed 1 GWh of energy storage systems managed under long-term service agreements across 23 projects.

Powin’s service offerings have rapidly grown alongside its steady hardware and software business. Powin builds tailored service plans for each location, customer and project to ensure competitiveness and excellent service and response time. Last year Powin added 839 MWh of energy storage systems under management.

Adrian Wilkins, SVP of Global Services, Powin, said, “Powin’s energy storage systems are safe, reliable and built to last, and we are proud to support our growing number of customers with customized, world-class service solutions. With full visibility into all aspects of our energy storage systems all the way to the cell level, Powin is uniquely positioned to ensure the highest levels of performance and maximum availability of our BESS Customer assets.”


The Powin Services Stack includes:

End to End Support

Powin engineers and develops all of their hardware and software in house, so they can provide maintenance and support without dependence on outside OEMs to perform that service. 

Deep, Real-Time System Visibility

As a key differentiator, Powin utilizes their proprietary StackOS battery management platform, providing full visibility into all aspects of their energy storage systems all the way down to the cell level. Customers get an unparalleled level of visibility into the real-time status of systems in the field.

Health & Performance Reporting

StackOS utilizes cell level and system analytics, driven by machine learning and AI, to provide thorough insight into system health and performance.

Exceptional Responsiveness

Powin’s Remote Operations Center (ROC) is available 24 hours a day for customers to call and talk to a Powin technician for personalized support, utilizing a deep suite of tools to monitor, diagnose, and resolve system issues. 

Best In Class Guarantees 

Assurance to maximize project revenue through capacity, efficiency and availability guarantees, fully managed by Powin for up to 20 years.

Hands-on Training

Customer teams receive comprehensive training delivered by experienced service reps – available with all service packages.

Powin has over 50 team members dedicated to Powin Services. The team is based at the company’s 24/7 Remote Operations Center in Portland, Oregon with additional team members spread throughout the country, close in proximity to the projects the company manages.

About Powin, LLC (Powin)

As a global leader in the design and manufacture of safe and scalable battery energy storage solutions, Powin supplies the software and hardware to the growing volume of next generation energy storage projects that will transform the grid, enable high levels of renewable generation and put conventional generators out of business. To learn more, please visit www.powin.com.