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Safe & Reliable Hardware

With over 300MWh of LFP-based Stacks commissioned worldwide and 400,000+ hours of incident-free operations, we have developed a proven track record of safe, reliable hardware operations in the field.

Superior Enclosures

Our enclosures provide the optimal working conditions for our Stacks to thrive. Each enclosure comes fully integrated with HVAC, gas detection, fire suppression, DC Collection, AC and communications.

Unprecedented Visibility and Control

Combining the EMS and BMS functionality into a single platform, StackOS provides our customers with full control and transparency of the entire system, down to the cell level.

Utility-Scale Deployments

We’ve delivered more than 600 MWh of efficient, safe, and reliable energy storage systems to customers world-wide.

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Couple generation resources with energy storage to create a firm and dispatchable hybrid facility.

T&D Deferral

Our Stacks are easily and quickly deployed to add capacity to existing substations and to provide non-wires alternatives to complex transmission line projects.

Solar + Storage

Seamlessly couple (AC or DC) PV + Storage with StackOS+ to enhance your PV revenue streams.

Behind the Meter

Our channel partner network delivers solutions to C&I customers focused on demand reduction and resiliency.


Operating microgrid projects utilize Powin Stacks, StackOS, and various 3rd party microgrid software platforms.

Grid Services

Our extensive suite of control capabilities support frequency response, spinning reserve, and other ancillary services in markets such as CAISO, IESO and ERCOT.

Powering Mexico

We installed a 12MW / 12MWh solution providing frequency response services for a fully off- grid automotive manufacturing site powered by natural gas generators.

12 MW / 12MWH


Monterrey, Mexico

Microgrid FRRS

Featured as a leading integrator

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