Powin Partners with ACE Engineering to Support Energy Storage Project Pipeline

PORTLAND, OR – May 16, 2023Powin LLC (Powin), a global energy storage platform provider, today announced that it has selected ACE Engineering (ACE) as a contract manufacturing partner to support Powin’s various energy storage projects. Powin is partnering with ACE to manufacture Powin’s Stacks™ for their Centipede energy storage platform due to ACE’s operational excellence in manufacturing, global footprint, and breadth of experience and expertise in the renewables and energy storage industry.

ACE is a top worldwide enclosure and container turnkey solution provider and Korea’s first ESS international certified container export company. They work with the world’s top renewable energy companies and have successfully completed installation of renewable energy complexes and substations – such as solar and wind power – across all continents. Headquartered in Korea, ACE will develop batteries for Powin’s Centipede’s battery storage platform in their Global facilities, reaching high volume manufacturing (HVM) capacity this quarter.

Powin and ACE will work together on Powin’s Waratah Super Battery (WSB) project, a 1.68GWh battery energy storage system located in Australia. Powin will ultimately deliver 850 MW of power and 1680MWh of energy capacity, making it the most powerful battery in the world when operational. ACE will supply over half of the WSB energy storage system.

“Our new, fully integrated manufacturing partnership with ACE Engineering will support our momentous battery storage projects in progress,” said Stuart Bolland, Powin’s Chief Operating Officer. “We are confident that working with ACE will allow us to deliver on our objectives. ACE has been rigorously vetted and has proven to be a reliable, operationally sound partner with an excellent company culture. We look forward to our work together.”

“Unlike a conventional platform provider, Powin is unique in a way that they are vertically integrated from module packaging to final product which makes them as a leading pioneer in the market. We are excited to collaborate with Powin and leverage our engineering expertise with mass production capability to create ‘Safe, Reliable and Built to Last’ ESS solutions together,“ said Danny You, Chief Executive Officer from ACE.

Powin’s unique business model and innovative supply chain strategy has enabled the company to become one of the largest energy storage providers around the world. With nearly half a dozen qualified and approved battery cell vendors, Powin’s robust supply chain enables the company to effectively meet the rapidly growing demand for batteries.

About Powin, LLC (Powin):

At Powin, we are advancing the next frontier of energy and changing the way we power our daily lives by ensuring access to clean, resilient, and affordable power.   As a global energy platform provider, we offer fully integrated battery storage solutions, software, and services to optimize grid performance and enable the transition to cleaner energy sources.  Powin has over 6,000 MWh of energy storage systems that have been deployed or are under construction with an additional 11,000 MWh in contracting worldwide. To learn more, please visit www.powin.com.

About ACE Engineering

Founded in 1981, Ace Engineering Co., Ltd. is a first generation of Enclosure and Container Korean company transferring innovative container technology across the globe. As a leading containerized solution provider, ACE Engineering specializes in diverse sectors with global top leaders of each industry such as ESS, Freezer, Marine, Satellites & Aerospace, and Defense. As one of the world’s leading ESS system engineering provider and manufacturer, ACE Engineering foresees to globally deploy more than 30GWh by end of this year, and additionally contracted approximately 50GWh worth to follow in the near future. With their specialized engineering solution, rapid prototyping and mass production capabilities, Ace Engineering provides one-stop total solution for all vertically integrated processes to maximize customer’s optimized ESS solutions. To learn more, please visit www.acecontainer.com.