Powin Expands International Presence with BESS Installations in Taiwan and Israel

Increasing the Reliability and Resiliency of the Local Grids

Powin Energy’s 2MW / 3MWh BESS project with TPE Energy in Taiwan.

Tualatin, OR, (July 15, 2021) — Powin Energy Corporation (Powin), a global leader in the design and manufacture of safe and scalable battery energy storage solutions, recently expanded its international footprint with the installation of two new utility-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) in Taiwan and Israel. The projects will each uniquely provide critical grid support to meet the demands of local energy consumers.

In May of this year, Taiwan’s grid experienced an outage condition affecting 6.17 million households. Referred to as the 513 Blackout, the power outage forced rolling blackouts across the country and exposed the current vulnerabilities of Taiwan’s grid, resulting in a greater awareness around the need for energy storage to support a resilient and reliable grid.

Powin partnered with TPE Energy Inc. to build a 2MW/3MWh battery energy storage system to support Taiwan Power Company’s (Taipower) AFC (Automated Frequency Control) program. This project was the first procurement of a battery energy storage system by Taipower and is the first of its kind to reach commercial operation. The modular design of Powin’s BESS allowed for the project to be installed quickly and efficiently, allowing for power transmission, balance, and self-testing to take place in less than two and a half months after installation. The project successfully passed Taipower’s execution capability test and obtained Taipower’s AFC project license.

In Israel, Powin partnered with BLEnergy (of the Blilious Group) to commission and install a 1 MW/3.2 MWh BESS for Israeli renewable energy company, Nofar Energy. The project is located in a Kibbutz, a communal settlement in Israel, and is the first utility-scale micro grid energy storage project in the country. The project will be integrated with existing and new local rooftop solar projects to enhance renewable energy integration, otherwise limited due to grid constraints, supply backup power and demand savings for the Kibbutz energy customers. Following the commercialization of this project, an additional five projects ranging in scale from 3.0–4.6 MWp will be deployed by BLEnergy in similar communities in 2021.

For nearly the past decade, Powin has worked to advance its patented battery management technology and develop market leading product offerings. Headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon, Powin has built over 600 MWh of systems, supporting 54 projects in 10 states and 8 countries. Powin has a contracted pipeline to supply over 4,000 MWh of energy storage systems globally over the next five years.

About Powin Energy Corporation

As a global leader in the design and manufacture of safe and scalable battery energy storage solutions, Powin supplies the software and hardware to the growing volume of next generation energy storage projects that will transform the grid, enable high levels of renewable generation and put conventional generators out of business. To learn more, please visit www.powin.com.