October 9, 2023

WATT’S NEW: Recapping Energy Storage and Powin in Q3 2023

By Powin
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Beyond Power. This is Relentless Innovation.

Energy storage is an essential part of our transition to a brighter tomorrow. But not just any energy storage will do. We need clean, abundant, and resilient energy storage now more than ever. And that starts with rethinking how we power things. It starts with relentless innovation. We’re proud to be doing our bit to redefine the energy landscape so that more people can access clean energy when they need it most.

In Q3 2023 Powin:

Powin Power: A New Way to Power Our World

Watch this video to gain a deeper understanding of Powin and what sets us apart.

Change is the only constant in life. And yet, there’s something humbling and almost comforting about this sentiment. It’s a reminder to stay nimble and always be ready to innovate. And it’s this spirit that’s at the heart of Powin. It’s what makes us us. None of this would be possible without your support and trust. So, thank you for accompanying us on this journey to a cleaner future and for being brave enough to welcome change in whatever form it comes.
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