WATT’S NEW: Recapping Energy Storage and Powin in Q3 2023


Beyond Power. This is Relentless Innovation.

In Q3 2023 Powin:

Growing Through Change

A Word From Our New CEO

Change is how you know you’re growing, a sentiment that applies as much to Powin as it does to the entire energy storage space. I’m proud to say that Powin’s Q3 2023 was characterized by bold change and growth in our innovation, our partnerships, and our global workforce.

In Q3 2023 Powin:

  • Joined forces with Apex Clean Energy to support IKEA’s commitment to clean energy
  • Teamed up with partners in the global supply chain to bring manufacturing to the United States
  • Signed an 8GWh Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Vena Energy

As Powin’s new CEO, I’m honored to be part of these changes, and to lead Powin into the future. Thank you for being a member of the Powin community. Together, we’re doing the important work of realizing a carbon-free tomorrow.Jeff Waters,

Powin CEO

Powin Power

There’s a New Way to Power Our World

Energy storage is an essential part of our transition to a brighter tomorrow. But not just any energy storage will do. We need clean, abundant, and resilient energy storage now more than ever. And that starts with rethinking how we power things. It starts with relentless innovation. We’re proud to be doing our bit to redefine the energy landscape so that more people can access clean energy when they need it most.

Watch this video to gain a deeper understanding of Powin and what sets us apart.

Our energy future looks bright

A Huge Win for The Energy Storage Supply Chain

One small step for batteries, one giant leap for the US energy storage landscape: In a decisive move for Powin, we recently secured supply agreements with key partners that are expanding manufacturing capabilities in Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina. This means that starting in 2025, we will source 5 GWh of US-made battery technology and components annually.

The significance of this goes beyond ensuring we have a steady supply of high-quality battery cells and will also boost domestic production capabilities. Powin’s investments in the US supply chain underscore our commitment to quality, on-time delivery, and local economic growth.

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Powin’s Energy Storage News


The Power of Innovation

Our Q3 2023 was filled with more than a few milestones. These are the defining moments that make it all worthwhile. They’re also an indicator of what we’ve known all along: that there’s never been a better time for energy storage. After all, the transition to a cleaner tomorrow starts with energy storage. And that’s why we’re proud to be doing our bit to make a carbon-free world a reality.

The Power of Innovation

Our Q3 2023 was filled with more than a few milestones. These are the defining moments that make it all worthwhile. They’re also an indicator of what we’ve known all along: that there’s never been a better time for energy storage. After all, the transition to a cleaner tomorrow starts with energy storage. And that’s why we’re proud to be doing our bit to make a carbon-free world a reality.

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Powin Signs 8GWh MOU with Vena Energy, Expanding Renewable Supply Chain in Indonesia

When completed, this will be one of the most significant renewable energy initiatives in Southeast Asia. The MOU will support the development of Vena Energy’s hybrid megaproject in the Riau Islands, which is currently under development. In addition to over 2 GW of solar power capacity, this project is also expected to include an energy storage system capable of storing 8 GWh of clean energy. This project is expected to play a key role in supporting Indonesia’s energy transition.

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Celebrating Success

2023 Women Worth Watching in Leadership Award:

Inspiring Journeys, Empowering Futures

Rachel Livek, our Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, has been recognized with the prestigious 2023 Women Worth Watching in Leadership Award by Profiles in Diversity Journal. This recognition celebrates Rachel’s exceptional leadership, remarkable journey, and her dedication to advancing diversity and inclusion in the corporate world.

The entire team at Powin is thrilled and proud to celebrate Rachel’s well-deserved achievement. Her dynamic leadership has been a driving force behind our organization, inspiring us all with her passion and dedication. As we continue to strive for excellence, Rachel serves as a great example of what can be achieved through hard work, determination, and a commitment to equality.

You can learn more about Rachel’s remarkable journey and her thoughts on leadership by clicking the link below.

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Make some noise

Talking Batteries

From a podcast to a webinar, our team took some time out this quarter to talk about all things batteries. Because the truth is, we could spend all day reflecting on our energy future. That’s just what happens when you live and breathe energy storage.

Insider’s Guide to Energy

Our Senior Vice President, Danny Lu, was recently interviewed by Chris Sass and Jeff McAulay on the Insider’s Guide to Energy podcast. Here, Danny openly shared the twists and turns that made Powin what it is today, including why our battery management system is at the core of what makes us unique. This must-listen episode covers a lot, from our growth and Danny’s professional journey at Powin to the essential role of energy storage. Don’t miss it.

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Advantech InnoTalk

The key to a well-designed BESS lies in the combination of a dependable, secure communication infrastructure and powerful computing capabilities that enable smooth, autonomous operation.

Watch an exciting Advantech InnoTalks session with Justin Wolf, VP of Software Development at Powin, as he dives into the critical elements of developing an efficient BESS.

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Case Study

Texas Grid Gets 500MWH Boost Powered by Powin & Apex

As a grid that remains disconnected from neighboring states, the Texas grid is forced to be self-sufficient. This is why, in the face of increasingly extreme weather events, grid resilience and reliability have become top priorities for Texas. And that’s where a new collaboration between Powin and Apex Clean Energy comes in.

When completed, these energy storage projects will add 500MWh capacity to the grid, generating over $24 million in tax revenue and an estimated 100 new jobs. But beyond the numbers, this game-changing collaboration will help strengthen and modernize the Texas power grid while adding flexibility and resilience.

Exploring the Powin Battery Lab

Power You Can Feel. Innovation You Can Trust

Our unwavering commitment to battery performance and quality is at the core of everything we do because we understand how vital system performance is. It’s why we launched the Powin Battery Lab in 2020.

This world-class battery test facility enables us to characterize and validate all batteries from cell to system. Equipped with the latest testing facilities, equipment, and specialists, the Lab plays a central role in establishing better performance guarantees, warranties, control processes, and strategies for each of our products.

Looking Back On Industry Events

Powin at RE+ 2023

As one of the biggest energy storage events of the year RE+ 2023 was an opportunity for us to shine. Our team showed up in full force, energized and ready to walk people through our new products and our explosive growth. This included a milestone announcement about our commitment to sourcing 5 GWh of US-made battery technology and components annually starting in 2025.

Other moments that made RE+ 2023 remarkable:

  • Our Senior Vice President, Danny Lu, led a session at the RE+ panel, diving deep into “The Ins and Outs of Executing the World’s Largest Battery Projects.”
  • We sponsored the RE+ Clean Energy Job Fair because we understand that the driving force behind the energy transition is the right people.
  • In collaboration with Energy Impact Partner, we hosted a Power Happy Hour, which brought industry leaders together for an evening of collaboration and celebration.
  • And for the grand finale, we hosted an unforgettable VIP dinner to celebrate our customers and partners who make what we do possible.

Watch the RE+ highlights in the video below.

Calendar Icon Upcoming Events

Come Meet Our Team

As busy as the last few months have been, it feels like we’re just getting started. And we can’t wait. Our next few months are already filled with conferences, and our team will be there. After all, these events are where it all happens. So, if you’re planning to attend any of these events, be sure to contact us and say hi.

We are hiring

Your Chance to Help Power a Cleaner Future

If you’re a glass-half-full person who is looking for more than a job and you have the skills to back it all up, Powin might be the place for you. We’re always on the lookout for brave, mission-driven dreamers who are dedicated to making a real impact and aren’t scared of a challenge.

Think you got what it takes?!

A Big Thank You

It Really is Bigger Than Batteries.

Change is the only constant in life. And yet, there’s something humbling and almost comforting about this sentiment. It’s a reminder to stay nimble and always be ready to innovate. And it’s this spirit that’s at the heart of Powin. It’s what makes us us. None of this would be possible without your support and trust. So thank you for accompanying us on this journey to a cleaner future and for being brave enough to welcome change in whatever form it comes

Your Powin Team