Longroad's new
PV-Plus-Storage plant
to get over 2GWh energy capacity boost from powin

Project wins

595 MW
2+ GWh
Mid 2024 COD



Load shifting

Grid Stability & Reliability

Clean, Carbon-Free Energy

Powin & Longroad: Bringing affordable, resilient powr to Arizona

As one of the fastest-growing and hottest states in the US, the Arizona has a unique challenge on its hands. After all, in the face of sweltering summer heat waves and other extreme weather events, the Arizona Public Service utility has to find a way to keep lights and ACs on for the 1.3 million homes and businesses that depend on it.

And that’s where Longroad’s new PV-Plus-Storage Plant comes in. Located near the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant, the second largest nuclear power plant in the Western Hemisphere, this project goes a long way toward adding resilience and muchneeded capacity to the state of Arizona’s grid.

The business of batteries

Powering Innovation

A key part of this new plant is the Powin BESS which will include Envision AESC battery cells. Powin sources these cells from multiple vendors for its global energy storage projects, including leading battery manufacturers like CATL.

In addition to the BESS, Powin will also collaborate with Longroad’s affiliated energy services group, Longroad Energy Services, and the expert Operations and Maintenance (O&M) provider, NovaSource, to offer extended maintenance and operational services.

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About Longroad

Established in 2016, Longroad concentrates on the development of renewable energy projects. The company has an impressive track record, having successfully developed or acquired 4.3 GW of renewable energy projects across the United States. To fund the completion of its portfolio, Longroad has raised $10 billion through equity, debt, and tax equity investments. Currently, Longroad possesses a portfolio of 2.4 GW, consisting of wind, solar, and storage projects. Additionally, the company manages and operates a combined capacity of 4.0 GW on behalf of both Longroad and thirdparty entities.

Capacity is key

Meeting the grid where it's at

Longroad’s new plant consists of two separate projects, which will each add varying amounts of capacity to Arizona’s grid. In total, this amounts to over 2 GWh.

The projects are:

  • Sunstreams 3: 215 MW / 955 MWh AC, Tonopah, Arizona
  • Sunstreams 4: 300 MW / 1200 MWh AC, Tonopah, Arizona

All this capacity means the Arizona Public Service will:

  • Have more capacity, and added resilience
  • Be able to power 100,000 homes per day
  • Have the capacity to load shift as needed

Partner With Powin

We work hard to support all our project partners every step of the way because we understand that every project is unique and deserves individual attention — and we’re committed to providing solutions tailored to any size project developer, IPP, or utility.