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Texas grid to be bolstered
by 500MWh energy storage advancement

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200 MW
500 MWh
Mid 2024 COD

ERCOT Grid Services

Bolstering the Texas grid
  • The Angelo Storage and Great Kiskadee, as the projects are known, will be located in Tom Green County and in Hidalgo County, respectively.
  • Each of these projects is expected to deliver 100MW/200 MWh of capacity to the Texas grid with a 2-hour battery duration.
  • The projects are expected to be operational in 2024.
Powering progress

Grid reliability
When it's needed most

The Texas grid is an outlier in many ways. Not only is the state one of the leaders in wind-powered electricity generation, but its grid remains disconnected from neighboring states. This means Texas has to be self-sufficient and cannot rely on energy from nearby grids.

This is why in the face of extreme weather events, grid resilience and reliability have become top priorities for Texas. And that’s where a new collaboration between Powin and Apex Clean Energy comes in. When completed, these energy storage projects will add much-needed capacity to the already strained Texas grid.

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As part of this collaboration, Apex will be responsible for developing, constructing, operating, and maintaining the projects. Powin will supply the Stack750 Integrated Platform and StackOSTM battery management system.

In addition to supplying energy arbitrage and ancillary grid services to the Texas grid, Powin’s StackOS platform is designed to provide visibility and control down to the battery cell level. This makes it easy to respond to changing grid conditions in real-time.

These energy storage projects will add both flexibility and resilience to the grid. The storage systems are designed to absorb excess solar or wind energy when demand is low and discharge when energy usage is high. This will ensure the grid can meet growing demand without failing, even during extreme weather events.


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Discover the Powin advantage through our user-friendly, seamless, and reliable energy storage operating system—Powin StackOS™. This comprehensive system integrates a battery management system, thermal management system, and energy management system seamlessly. With strategically layered control levels, we minimize vulnerability to single points of failure, ensuring enhanced reliability and system resilience.

As much as technology is at the heart of what we do, it’s about so much more than that. Your energy needs are a top priority, and we’re committed to providing solutions tailored to any size project developer, IPP, or utility. And that’s where our decade’s worth of experience deploying energy storage comes in. We work hard to support all you every step of the way because every project is unique and deserves individual attention.

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We work hard to support all our project partners every step of the way because we understand that every project is unique and deserves individual attention — and we’re committed to providing solutions tailored to any size project developer, IPP, or utility.