Powin’s CRO Discusses California’s Power Grid Problems



SAN DIEGO, CASeptember 9, 2022 —

Since the string of nine CAISO Flex Alerts began on August 31st, Powin’s energy storage solutions have delivered 550MWh of daily energy to help support California’s power grid operated by CAISO – that’s equivalent to powering 18.5K homes per day.

A Rapidly Growing 10 Gigawatt-hour Energy Storage Business

Powin has grown rapidly in recent years, building out a 10 gigawatt-hour energy storage business despite supply chain disruptions, an uncertain regulatory environment, and the rising cost of capital.

This growth has been fueled by Powin’s differentiated manufacturing approach, innovative software, and supply chain expertise, enabling them to efficiently deliver the safe, intelligent energy storage systems customers need to reduce project risk and increase project revenues.

About Powin, LLC (Powin):
Powin is a global leader in the design and manufacture of safe and scalable energy storage solutions. Our innovative and cost-effective hardware and software are revolutionizing the way energy is generated, transmitted, and distributed, helping the world achieve decarbonization objectives. Powin has delivered over 2,500 MWh of BESS in 12 states and eight countries and has a contracted pipeline to supply over 10,000 MWh of energy storage systems globally over the next two years. To learn more, please visit www.powin.com.