Powin Announces Michael Bennett as Chief Transformation Officer (CTrO)

PORTLAND, Ore.– Global energy storage platform provider Powin LLC (Powin) is thrilled to announce the strategic appointment of Michael Bennett to the role of Chief Transformation Officer (CTrO). Michael, formerly the Vice President of Data and Technical Services, brings a wealth of experience and a proven record of success in navigating change within the fast-paced energy sector.

In his new role, Michael will oversee Powin’s new Office of Transformation (OT), designed to spearhead an enterprise-wide transformational effort to increase operational efficiency. The OT business unit is responsible for devising, delivering, and measuring the progress of initiatives designed to improve core processes and functions at Powin. Michael’s team will provide program management support and oversight, improve how we use and make data available, and advance knowledge and information-sharing.

Michael has over a decade of experience in software and analytics platform design, consulting, and global product development in the utilities and renewables industries. His deep knowledge of the product development lifecycle, coupled with his analytical acumen, will play a pivotal role as Powin continues to refine communication and execution strategies for projects and programs across the organization.

Powin is excited to recognize and promote talent from within the organization, reinforcing its commitment to fostering growth and development among its team members. Michael Bennett’s transition to the role of Chief Transformation Officer marks a significant milestone in Powin’s journey toward innovation and operational excellence.

About Powin, LLC (Powin):

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