Watt’s New: Q2 2024

BIGGER THAN BATTERIES Q2 was an exciting period for Powin, marked by major milestones. We were honored to be named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies and launched the innovative Powin Pod at CleanPower 2024 in May, showcasing our latest in energy storage solutions. Our progress and success would not be possible without […]

Unleashing the Power of StackOS Software: Powin’s Secret to Superior Energy Storage


Delivering Unmatched Safety, Availability, Insight, and Flexibility to Our Customers By: Norman Farquhar, Head of Software Product Management at Powin and Monique Wong, Senior Software Product Manager at Powin What is StackOS? StackOS Software is the brain and nervous system of Powin’s battery energy storage systems (BESS). Integrated into all our hardware platforms, including the Centipede and Powin Pod, StackOS operates seamlessly both on-premise and in […]

Unlocking Precision: Powin’s SOC Algorithm Redefines Energy Estimation Accuracy

By Kyle Smith, Sales Director, Monique Wong, Sr. Product Manager, Eric Stone, Powin, Sr. Product Manager Read the full 2024 Solar Risk Assessment Report at: https://www.kwhanalytics.com/solar-risk-assessment State of Charge (SOC) represents a Battery Energy Storage System’s (BESS) available energy for discharge. SOC is critical in predictably committing to dispatch schedules and can lead to penalties if […]

Scaling the Energy Storage Industry to Decarbonize the Grid

the role of energy storage Systems in combating climate change

As the world continues to grapple with climate change challenges and the need for sustainable energy solutions, energy storage is becoming increasingly important. Energy storage plays a crucial role in transitioning to a clean energy future by enabling the efficient and reliable integration of renewable energy sources into the grid. The exponential growth of renewable […]

Watt’s New: Q1 2024

Boundless Energy. Unlimited Possibilities. Our results in Q1 2024 were exceptional, with significant gains that underscored Powin’s leadership position in the industry. But it’s more than that. The last few months have proved that the dream of 100% renewable energy is within reach, and that’s a huge win for the clean transition. A few standout […]

Who Won The Super Bowl? We Did, Because It Was 100% Powered By Solar

By Anthony Carroll, President at Powin (Originally published on CleanTechnica) Sunday’s Super Bowl saw the Kansas City Chiefs become the first back-to-back Super Bowl champion in two decades. While the Chiefs fans have something to celebrate this week, the game was also a major win for sustainable energy — Super Bowl LVIII was the first […]

Watt’s New: 2023 End-Of-Year Recap

Fully charged for 2024 A Word from the CEO As we close out 2023, I feel proud and inspired by the incredible strides, partnerships, and projects Powin has undertaken in the past year. These achievements are a testament to Powin’s market leadership and our team’s dedication, and they have propelled us to new heights in […]

WATT’S NEW: Recapping Energy Storage and Powin in Q3 2023

  Beyond Power. This is Relentless Innovation. In Q3 2023 Powin: Joined forces with Apex Clean Energy to support IKEA’s commitment to clean energy Teamed up with partners in the global supply chain to bring manufacturing to the United States Signed an 8GWh Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Vena Energy And many more! Growing Through […]

Watt’s New: Q2’s Energizing Journey with Powin

It’s Bigger Than Batteries. It’s A Cleaner Tomorrow We live and breathe energy storage. And yet, we’ve never seen as much growth in the industry as we’re currently witnessing. It’s inspiring and nothing short of tectonic. It has also made for a fruitful and meaningful Q2 with many promising partnerships and opportunities for us to […]

Big Steps for Powin. Even Bigger Strides for Energy Storage

If there were ever any doubts about the essential role of energy storage, Q1 2023 helped silence those nagging thoughts. After all, the last few months have been characterized by explosive growth thanks in large part due to the Inflation Reduction Act. As always, Powin is proud to have played a key role in moving […]