Built for Grid-Scale

Find the Right Battery

All of our stack products achieve the industry-leading safety, reliability and performance standards. Choose the model that best fits the need of your project site.


Stack225 is well-suited for standard life cycle requirement projects, such as demand reduction, T&D deferral, and grid services.


Stack230 is our long-life product, a specifically designed solution to match the 20-year life cycle of PV modules.


Stack230P is designed for higher power applications such as frequency response/regulation and includes enhanced thermal management.

Purpose-built by Powin for Powin Stacks

A Stack’s working environment is critical to the life span and safe operation of your storage asset. Our enclosures provide best-in-class monitoring, climate control, and fire suppression technology.

End-to-End Confidence

Safety and Reliability

We select the safest LFP cells on the market to integrate into our systems. Our proprietary StackOS battery management layer provides redundant safety features.

Cost Effective

Installation is at least 30% faster than traditional racking methods. We design our systems to lower the total cost of ownership over their lifetime, not just upfront capital costs.

Always Improving

We bring continuous innovation to the energy storage industry. We constantly add new software apps and features to our StackOS and StackOS+ platforms that can be retroactively updated onto existing hardware.

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