Total ESS Management Software

A Tool Suite Built for Energy Storage

Our StackOS software is preinstalled into every Stack, giving on-site staff and asset managers unprecedented support.

Battery Management and Safety

Our proprietary StackOS BMS layer adds our industry-leading active balacing and cell-level monitoring capability on top of industry standard safety functionality.

Total System Integration & Control

StackOS provides our customers and users full control of their system from the PCS, HVAC, Fire Suppression, and Stacks, down to the cell level.

Automated Dispatching

StackOS comes standard with the ability to be dispatched via P&Q commands generated by a customer ROC, SCADA, or Plant Controller.

End-To-End Confidence


Always know exactly what’s going on with your system. Unparalleled deep access into cell- level data.

Total Control

Both on-site and remote access gives you control whenever, and wherever you are. This includes not just the battery, but also the PCS, HVAC, and Fire Suppression systems.


Our StackOS BMS layer provides the best- in- class safety functionality our customers desire.

Cutting Edge Cloud Services

StackOS comes with every Stack energy storage system, but the buck doesn’t stop there. We extend StackOS’s capabilities to the cloud and offer enhanced services through StackOS+. Sign up below and be the first to try out these features.

The only Hardware that runs StackOS

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