April 12, 2023

Big Steps for Powin. Even Bigger Strides for Energy Storage.

By Powin
Powins 2023 Q1 Recap
If there were ever any doubts about the essential role of energy storage, Q1 2023 helped silence those nagging thoughts. After all, the last few months have been characterized by explosive growth thanks in large part due to the Inflation Reduction Act. As always, Powin is proud to have played a key role in moving the energy storage industry forward, paving the way toward a more sustainable energy future.
Powin had a strong Q1 in which we:

  • Built our new leadership team with Pablo Gonzalez as Chief Technology Officer and Brian Kane as Chief Projects Officer to handle the growing demand for our products.
  • Launched our blog post series focusing on how Powin manages batteries from cell to system to improve performance guarantees, warranties, control algorithms, and product strategies.
  • And much more, including hosting an internal CX Summit to better serve our customers, celebrating International Women’s Day, and speaking at industry events.
Thanks to all our customers, partners, and employees for your dedication and commitment to making the energy storage solutions the world needs possible. You all play an integral role in enabling the transition to a low-carbon future.

We’re proud to do our part to power a cleaner future.
Thank you for accompanying us on this exciting journey!

Your Powin Team

Powin By the Numbers

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