Sustainability For The Long Haul

Safe, Reliable, and Built To Last

Our mission is to lead the sustainable transformation of the outdated electric grid through increased renewables penetration, non-wires alternatives, and power decentralization. Our safe and cost-effective energy storage solutions are revolutionizing the way energy is generated, transmitted, and distributed for utilities, IPPs, and energy consumers worldwide.

From Treadmills To Stationary Energy Storage

Headquartered in Oregon, Powin was born in '89 as a high-quality, high-volume contract manufacturing company with a large supplier network and relationship base in Asia. We evolved into a leading battery energy storage company by marrying our robust supply chain management with specially developed technology, a high-growth market, and a vital social mission.

We own or manage every step in our supply chain. From sourcing battery cells to the on-site installation of projects, we leverage our domain expertise to provide the highest-value, cost-competitive energy storage solutions to our customers. Our energy storage systems are used in utility-scale, commercial and industrial, and microgrid applications.

Setting The Standard For Energy Storage

Safety is our Top Priority

Safety of our Employees, Safety of our Product Design

Passion for Sustainability

Renewable energy, grid modernization, and supporting our customers’ success are at the foundation of Powin’s mission

Having Fun while Doing Groundbreaking Things

Developing energy storage technology is no easy feat. We strive to provide a positive work culture and environment so that we can have fun in the process.

Uniquely-Aligned Leadership

Our leadership team brings industry-specific expertise to each component of our business model and product line in pursuit of making the best industry-available storage system.

Backed By Energy Experts

Purpose-specific products need partners who are driven by that same objective. We are proud to be supported by investors who share our mission of widespread grid modernization.

Help Us Build The Future