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Portland, OR, (March 2, 2022) — Powin LLC (Powin), a global leader in the design and manufacture of safe and scalable battery energy storage solutions, today announced it has signed a supply agreement with Borrego, a leading developer, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) provider, and operations and maintenance provider for large-scale renewable energy projects throughout the US. The agreement covers 800 MWh of Powin’s Stack750 product, the first modular stack product in Powin’s Centipede platform.

Borrego will utilize Powin’s battery energy storage systems for both its utility-scale, standalone storage projects and its hybrid solar + storage projects across the US. The Stack750 is well-suited for 2-hour to 4-hour applications, including solar and energy storage use cases due to the energy density of the hardware. The modular design of the Centipede platform requires less time to deploy, requires less space on-site, and requires a lower overall capital expenditure.

Since 2016, Borrego has engineered and built 39 commercial and utility-scale energy storage systems, with more than 490 MWh of projects under contract in design, construction or operation.

John duPont, VP of Energy Storage at Borrego, stated, “Our customers count on Borrego to successfully deliver their solar and storage projects, and our long-term relationships with suppliers are critical to our success. We’re very pleased to partner with Powin to secure battery capacity amid today’s volatile supply chain environment and to incorporate the Centipede platform into our most technically challenging projects.”

Powin and Borrego’s agreement demonstrates both parties’ ability to navigate supply chain challenges and ensure customers have the products needed to execute on the large-scale projects under development. Powin has previously signed master supply agreements with both EVE Energy Co., Ltd. (EVE) and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) to serve as strategic battery cell suppliers for its Stack™ products, including Stack750. These agreements ensure battery cell supply to Powin customers remains uninterrupted, while guaranteeing pricing, available capacity and offering a strong level of quality assurance.

Danny Lu, SVP, Powin, stated, “We’re thrilled to partner with Borrego as they advance their robust solar and energy storage pipeline across the US. This supply agreement provides Borrego and its customers the confidence they need to execute on projects, knowing Powin has the ability to backstop our commitments.”

For nearly the past decade, Powin has worked to advance its patented battery management technology and develop market -leading product offerings. Headquartered in Oregon, Powin has built over 2,000 MWh of systems in 12 states and 8 countries. Powin has a contracted pipeline to supply over 5,800 MWh of energy storage systems globally over the next three years.

About Powin, LLC (Powin):

As a global leader in the design and manufacture of safe and scalable battery energy storage solutions, Powin supplies the software and hardware to the growing volume of next generation energy storage projects that will transform the grid, enable high levels of renewable generation and put conventional generators out of business.

About Borrego

Borrego, a leading developer, EPC, and O&M provider, accelerates the delivery of large commercial, community solar, and utility-scale solar and energy storage projects in the United States. Borrego offers a broad range of renewable energy services and has a track record of superior performance in the hundreds of large solar and energy storage projects it has designed, built and maintains throughout the United States. Established in 1980, it has regional offices in California, Massachusetts, and New York with a nationwide footprint. Borrego creates value by helping partners make better decisions at critical points in every project’s life. Its team brings deep technical expertise to its mission of solving the world’s energy problems. For more information, visit www.borregoenergy.com.

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